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هو قسم رئيسي يضاف إلى منصة تأكد

هو قسم رئيسي يضاف إلى منصة تأكد

RightsCon kicks off with the participation of Verify-Sy

  • 2493
  • 06-06

Verify-Sy is participating in the 10th conference of RightsCon, which is being held digitally due to the COVID19 travel restrictions. With the participation of more than a thousand speaker...

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Verify-Sy investigation reveals some of the misinformation and fraud in the "Syrian presidential elections"

  • 7830
  • 05-29

The head of the "People's Assembly" in Syria, Hamouda Sabbagh, announced the victory of Bashar al-Assad for a fourth presidential term, after announcing that he had obtained 95.1% of the v...

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Wikipedia unveils 'code of conduct' to stem misinformation

  • 3239
  • 02-05

Wikipedia on Tuesday unveiled a "universal code of conduct" aimed at stemming abuse, misinformation and manipulation on the global online encyclopedia. The new code was released by the Wi...

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From the west of the Euphrates to the east: Verify-Sy organized training workshops in fact-checking

  • 3499
  • 02-02

Last Saturday, Verify-Sy platform completed two training workshops under the title "Risk of misleading information, monitoring skills and verification tools. Forty young women and men in n...

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Verify-Sy: a Renewed Birth

  • 4906
  • 02-01

Verify-Sy platform was never an abstract journalistic project. Rather, it was and still is a being of a dream and blood, which emerged from a cry rejecting the falsification that afflicted...

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