These screenshots of shooting gunmen are not real

  • 15101
  • 01-24

A Turkish channel, news pages and Syrian and Turkish personal accounts circulated on soc...

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This recording is not about the Operation "Olive Branch"

  • 13759
  • 01-23

Pro-Democratic Union Party (PYD) news pages shared today news in Kurdish titled "...

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These military vehicles were not destroyed during Operation Olive Branch

  • 14695
  • 01-22

Pro-Democratic Union Party (PYD) news pages have recently shared photos of destroyed and...

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These are prisoners of the regime's army and not from the Syrian opposition

  • 15558
  • 01-21

Pro-PYD news pages published yesterday a photograph of people wearing military uniforms,...

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this video is not of YPG attacking Turkish army base in Reyhanli

  • 13317
  • 01-21

Pro-PYD social media pages and personal accounts shared a video showing intense shooting...

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News claiming 700 medical cases extracted out of Eastern Ghouta are not true

  • 13833
  • 01-20

Turkish news agency shared lately news titled "after Erdogan's endeavor.... 700...

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Ex-commander of Ajnad al-Sham didn’t come back to regime held-area

  • 14439
  • 12-27

Social media pages and personal accounts shared lately post saying the ex-commander of &...

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Japan did not allow human meat restaurants

  • 17180
  • 12-25

Today's Arabic edition of "Russia Today" published an article entitled &qu...

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Turkey does not impose fines and jail on Syrians traveling without "travel permit"

  • 18863
  • 12-21

Groups and personal accounts on social media sites circulated today, a picture of a Turk...

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