BCC faking information about Jaysh al-Islam and deviating its statement

  • 10686
  • 03-10

Arabic BBC website posted today, news titled "War in Syria: Fighters in Jaysh al-Is...

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Russia Today using clips from rebels battles to promote Assad army

  • 7860
  • 02-27

Russia Today channel published a video in its English channel under the title “Syr...

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A performing scenery turns into a material for Assad's propaganda in Eastern Ghouta

  • 12785
  • 02-24

Foreign blogs, personal accounts and pages on social media websites recently shared an i...

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Assad supporters promoting an acting video as it is in Eastern Gouta

  • 17284
  • 02-23

Pro Assad regime social media pages and personal accounts shared recently, a recording s...

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This video is not for armed opposition shelling on al-Qerdaha city

  • 7401
  • 02-22

Social media pages and personal accounts shared a video today of firing rockets by Syria...

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Assad forces did not capture a leader from Operation "Olive Branch" in Afrin

  • 8915
  • 02-22

Pro-Assad social media news pages and websites shared an image of four men in uniform, i...

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“All-female Northern Countryside Battalion” was formed more than 2 years ago for defence not launching attacks

  • 4272
  • 02-15

Pro-PYD social media pages and accounts shared a video showing women reading a statement...

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The video showing Emirati official offer condolences for Russian pilot is from 2015

  • 8246
  • 02-05

Social media pages and personal accounts shared news saying that UAE expressed condolenc...

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These are not prisoners in Afrin

  • 9289
  • 01-30

Pro-PYD social media news pages and accounts shared yesterday a video recording showing...

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