Verify-Sy reporter visit the family of Rajab, Tayyip and Erdogan and confirm their death

  • 13665
  • 11-07

Social media Turkish accounts and websites denied the news that 3 children named after T...

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No modification on Saudi law to give foreigner Saudi citizenship

  • 10752
  • 11-01

Saudi news websites shared news saying a new Royal decree will give Saudi citizenship to...

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“Abu Ali Damar” is not a commander in Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham

  • 10961
  • 10-31

Social media Syrian news pages and networks shared news saying a military commander in H...

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This kid is not a victim of chemical weapons attack in Idlib

  • 10144
  • 10-31

Turkish news agency shared yesterday a photo album of a kid under the title “Assad...

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IDs found with Iraqi army and PMU casualties are not Turkish documents

  • 9522
  • 10-25

Syrian and Iraqi news pages shared today photos and videos showing Peshmerga fighters ho...

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Accounts with “central channel oh Hmimiem airbase” are unofficial

  • 11040
  • 10-15

Syrian opponent news websites shared statement by Russian base in Syria “Hmimiem&r...

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ISIS still control neighborhoods in Raqqa

  • 8475
  • 10-12

Pro-Democratic Union Party PYD social media pages shared news said YPG-led Syrian Democr...

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Euphrates Shield groups didn't enter Idlib yet

  • 8694
  • 10-06

Syrian activists shared news on Twitter saying groups of Euphrates Shield operation back...

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