Assad Regime Forces Hasn't Deployed to Raqqa

  • 1768
  • 10-16

Russian news agency Sputnik has reported Wednesday, October 16, that the Assad regime fo...

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Truth behind “Turkish Army Fleeing” Video, After Recent Turkish Military Operation Northeast Syria

  • 3207
  • 10-15

Social media news pages have circulated a video on October 10, one day after launching t...

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The truth behind ISIS former fighters escape from Ein Eissa camp after Turkish shelling

  • 6541
  • 10-14

 Several news websites shared on Sunday news claiming a large number of ISIS fighte...

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Third Report about Disinformation Highlights that Coincided With Turkish Military Operation Northeast Syria

  • 5308
  • 10-13

A number of fake news reports and misleading photos Friday about the Turkish military op...

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Was there defection among Turkish Gendarme during the military operation in northeast Syria?

  • 1427
  • 10-13

Social media news pages and personal accounts close to Democratic Union Party (PYD) shar...

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Commander at National Army Denies Being Arrested in Syria’s al-Hasaka

  • 2150
  • 10-12

Pro-Democratic Union Party (PYD) social media pages and profiles have reported that the...

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This Video Isn't of Turkish Bombing on Syria's Ra's al-Ein City

  • 2997
  • 10-10

Russia Today has shared Thursday a video that shows a bomb lands near a power station ta...

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Disinformation Highlights since the Beginning of Turkish Military Operation East of Euphrates in Northern Syria

  • 9498
  • 10-10

News websites and social media accounts have circulated Wednesday a number of fabricated...

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Did Iraqi Protesters Recently Set Iranian Consulate on Fire in Basra?

  • 1795
  • 10-07

Social media pages have circulated yesterday, October 6, a video of what they said to be...

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