Deir Ezzor city still besieged by ISIS

  • 7642
  • 09-04

Pro-regime social media account and pages shared yesterday news claiming that government...

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Moutasem Brigade didn’t leave its positions to Russian forces

  • 10271
  • 09-02

Social media accounts and pages shared news saying armed opposition “Moutasim Brig...

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Nawaf al-Bashir doesn't have any Facebook page

  • 10885
  • 08-27

Pro-opposition website shared today news titled "after going back to Assad regime S...

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Nasib border crossing is still closed

  • 9525
  • 08-19

Pro-regime Syrian news pages shared news saying Nasib border crossing between Syria and...

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The person who was arrested today in al-Atareb didn’t wear suicide belt

  • 12041
  • 08-18

Pro-opposition websites and social media pages posted reports today saying the Free Poli...

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Chines actor Jackie Chan didn’t hang Assad photo in his house

  • 13329
  • 08-15

Pro-regime social media pages and websites shared photo of the Chinese action movies sta...

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Turkish government didn’t launch a project to send back Syrian refugees

  • 11460
  • 08-09

Pro-regime social media pages and accounts shared a news saying Turkish government launc...

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“Find a wife for your husband” campaign wasn’t launched from Kafrnabul

  • 8728
  • 08-04

Syrian pages and news networks on social media websites published news saying a female g...

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WHO didn’t describe singles as “disabled”

  • 11457
  • 08-03

Arabic and Syrian social media pages shared reports saying World Health Organization cha...

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