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Assad Supporters Fabricate Fake News on Tal Rifaat Displaced Civilians Sit-in

  • 13931
  • 03-24

Pro-Assad regime “Aleppo News Network” shared on its website news titled “pro-FSA celebrating Turkish army enter Syria with rugs under the tanks in Bab al-Salame”...

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Al-Dyiar Newspaper Fabricate Statement by Jaysh al-Islam

  • 8048
  • 03-18

Lebanese Newspaper website al-Dyiar shared yesterday a news titled “Jaysh al-Islam announce it is ready to retreat to Idlib province” saying the biggest opposition group in Eas...

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This Photo is Not from Avarin Hospital in Efrin

  • 16110
  • 03-17

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a photo yesterday of what it looks like a damaged hospital room. Photo’s publishers said it was taken inside Avarin Hospital i...

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French Politician Claims ISIS is in Eastern Ghouta

  • 16369
  • 03-15

French politician Jean Luc Melenchon and the head of “La France Insoumise” party shared yesterday a comment on his official Facebook page on a French magazine report and he adm...

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The image of the blood-stained Koran is not from Syria

  • 13782
  • 03-14

Turkish news websites and personal accounts posted on social media websites yesterday, an image showing pages of the Koran torn and stained with blood. The photo publishers said that it...

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"Sundus", the little girl, did not leave the besieged Ghouta

  • 18269
  • 03-14

Al-Jadida channel's official website posted a news story yesterday, titled "The daughter of al-Ghouta, who preoccupied the world three weeks ago, after the publication of a video...

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Video footages from Ghouta published by a Swedish newspaper as in Afrin

  • 14637
  • 03-11

The Swedish newspaper official website "Expressen" shared a report a few days ago, which presented interviews with the people of Afrin, Syria, during which they talked about the...

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BCC faking information about Jaysh al-Islam and deviating its statement

  • 17534
  • 03-10

Arabic BBC website posted today, news titled "War in Syria: Fighters in Jaysh al-Islam leaving eastern al-Ghouta", saying that "Jaysh al-Islam announced an agreement with th...

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France has not stated that "evidence of Damascus' chemical use" is available

  • 14291
  • 03-09

Pro-opposition news pages and personal accounts on social media sites shared yesterday evening, news that France "has full evidence of Damascus' use of chemical weapons against ci...

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