Those footage is acting not real

  • 9520
  • 06-16

Syrian and Iraqi pages on social media shared photo of a woman wearing white clothes bef...

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Bab al-Salame border crossing manager deny any death while Syrian enter from Turkey

  • 24675
  • 06-14

Syrian news website published on Wednesday a new saying “casualties and injuries i...

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This crime happened in Idlib not in Aleppo countryside

  • 6935
  • 06-14

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared photo of a dead man with sign of ex...

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Those are not dead FSA in latest Deir Samaan clashes

  • 8595
  • 06-14

Pro-PYD pages shared photos of dead men wearing military camouflage laid on the ground a...

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Claims about Abu Saleh Tahhan rejoining Ahrar al-Sham are fake

  • 8567
  • 06-13

Social media accounts and pages shared yesterday news claim Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham comman...

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Turkish forces didn’t head to Qatar yet

  • 7540
  • 06-10

Social media pages shared yesterday video showing several Turkish naval ships in the sea...

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Regime army didn’t met the Iraqi PMU

  • 8073
  • 06-09

Pro-regime websites and social media news pages said regime forces backed by foreign mil...

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The Simpsons didn’t predict Trump-Sisi-Saudi king meeting

  • 78816
  • 06-01

Social media accounts and pages shared photo of famous American TV series “The Sim...

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France won’t reopen its embassy in Damascus

  • 8191
  • 05-22

Arab and foreign websites shared al-Hayat newspaper news saying new French president Ema...

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