YPG fighters didn’t capture opposition fighters yesterday in Efrin

  • 11208
  • 06-29

Pro-PYD social media pages and accounts shared photos claimed it is for Euphrates Shield...

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Pro-YPG sharing photos from Mosul as from Raqqa

  • 6264
  • 06-24

On Friday, Pro-YPG websites and news pages shared photos of a neighborhood looks like it...

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pro-PYD websites publish old photos to support its propaganda against ISIS

  • 6916
  • 06-22

on Thursday, pro-PYD Hawar news Agency published news under the title "passport to...

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Nasib border crossing still under opposition control

  • 7318
  • 06-22

Al-Mayadeen TV channel said regime forces took Basib border crossing with Jordan and reo...

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PYD supporters published fake pictures to support their propaganda against Syrian opposition

  • 9057
  • 06-18

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared yesterday photo showing bodies wear...

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Clarification on wrong info in Russian Defense ministry statement

  • 10313
  • 06-17

Russian Defense ministry said in statement it has info claiming ISIS leader Abu Baker al...

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The brawl in this video is not between Qataris and Saudis

  • 7899
  • 06-16

News websites and social media pages shared video of a brawl between men wearing peninsu...

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Those footage is acting not real

  • 10004
  • 06-16

Syrian and Iraqi pages on social media shared photo of a woman wearing white clothes bef...

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Bab al-Salame border crossing manager deny any death while Syrian enter from Turkey

  • 25128
  • 06-14

Syrian news website published on Wednesday a new saying “casualties and injuries i...

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