SDF didn’t hand over any area to FSA in Aleppo countryside

  • 9422
  • 05-15

Syrian news website published yesterday news saying “Moutasem Brigade handed first...

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Turkish Judiciary didn’t issue general decision about "Coalition passports"

  • 12821
  • 05-13

Syrian news websites and activists on social media shared tweet by Syrian opposition fig...

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SDF didn’t withdraw from its positions in Aleppo northern countryside

  • 9369
  • 05-10

Websites and personal accounts on social media shared news claiming Euphrates Shield&rsq...

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Reports on cancelling Arab League’s suspension of Syria membership are false

  • 9483
  • 05-10

Arabic and foreign websites and social media pages publishes yesterday reports on &ldquo...

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Hatay Governor deny issuing any statement on Turkish forces enter Idlib

  • 22828
  • 05-06

News pages and personal accounts on social media websites shared today news saying Hatay...

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this statement is fake and not issued by Jaysh al-Islam

  • 9447
  • 04-09

news groups and personal accounts on social media today shared today an alleged statemen...

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Russian news agency twist Swedish organization on Khan Shaykhon massacre

  • 20966
  • 04-08

Russian Sputnik agency published on its Arabic website today a article titled “Swe...

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Do victims of chemical weapons come back to life 48 hours after their hearts stop!

  • 12142
  • 04-05

Personal accounts and pages on social media shared yesterday posts asking families of th...

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A statement attributed to the armed opposition

  • 11352
  • 03-31

A false statement was published today by the Fourth Authority site, affiliated to "...

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