The Russian Ambassador was not shot killed in Yemen

  • 7762
  • 01-14

Syrian and Arabic website reported that the Russian ambassador was killed by a gunmen in...

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A fake account tweets using Ahrar alSham name on Twıiter

  • 9971
  • 01-12

Activists circulated today a screenshot of a tweet by an account named Ahrar ALSham Move...

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The news of the Turkish army occupying the Bab city or Euphrates Shield operation controlling Al-Sha’ala are False

  • 9787
  • 01-05

Sputnik Agency published news entitled “The Turkish troops occupied Al Bab city an...

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The Guardian Published False Information about Barada Valley

  • 30288
  • 01-02

Newspapers and news sites, including British newspaper "The Guardian"  pu...

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The Photo is for an Iraqi Soldier not a Syrian, Bashar Jaafari Mislead the Security Council with a Forged Photo

  • 339245
  • 12-13

The Syrian regime representative in the United Nations, Bashar Jaafari, displayed at the...

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France24 Shows a Misleading Map of Control over Besieged City of Aleppo

  • 11390
  • 10-06

France24 showed yesterday a map of battling powers’ areas of control over Syria...

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Yemeni Incident Dragged to Syria

  • 12568
  • 09-25

Assad regime affiliated social media news website and Assad supporters have recently sha...

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ANHA Fabricates Invitation Of Kobani Municipality To Non-Existed Conference

  • 8233
  • 09-19

PYD, Kurdish militias affiliated news agency, ANHA reported that Kobani municipality rec...

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No Humanitarian Corridor In Salahiddin

  • 8828
  • 09-18

Assad-regime affiliated media outlets have broadcasted videos of families receiving aid....

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