A statement attributed to the armed opposition

  • 12033
  • 03-31

A false statement was published today by the Fourth Authority site, affiliated to "...

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Assad's forces did not Capture "Deir Hafer" until today

  • 10211
  • 03-25

 the lebanese website  "Al-Akhbar" published today  a news repo...

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SDF did not advance through Raqqa from east

  • 9527
  • 03-24

Several Arabic TV stations has circulated an article on Friday about launching an SDF-Ma...

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No massacre in Hama countryside

  • 10275
  • 03-23

Sputnik news agency stated that Jabhat al-Nusra (JAN) and allied armed groups committed...

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Dr Mahmoud Sato is alive

  • 13871
  • 02-18

Personal accounts and news agencies have circulated on social media, yesterday, a news i...

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On the Over Taking of Baza'a by the Opposition

  • 8824
  • 02-03

News agencies and accounts of political and media institutions have circulated today on...

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Tahrir Al-Sham didn’t include the revolution flag in the logo

  • 18259
  • 02-01

A new logo for Tahrir Al-Sham committee was circulated today on social media. A coloured...

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Yilmaz, a fighter from Netherlands was killed months ago

  • 26721
  • 01-31

“Raqqa is being slaughtered silently” campaign has reported today that one o...

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No casualties in “Aisha” camp, Idleb countryside

  • 9294
  • 01-28

  News website and personal accounts on social media have circulated a news item...

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