Turkish military police didn’t enter Idlib

  • 11842
  • 09-30

Social media pages and accounts shared news saying Turkish military police started sprea...

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No armed opposition group with "Jaysh al-Hikma" in Idlib

  • 8218
  • 09-27

Pro-regime social media pages shared news saying opposition group called Jaysh al-Hikma...

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SDF didn’t capture Raqqa city completely

  • 9025
  • 09-21

Social media Syrian pages shared news saying Syrian Democratic Forces SDF captured Raqqa...

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The person of this photo is not a military commander

  • 7950
  • 09-15

Pro-regime social media pages shared today a photo of one of opposition delegation atten...

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This young man was killed on Syrian-Turkish borders 2 years ago

  • 7680
  • 09-15

Pro-PYD social media pages shared lately news saying Turkish army killed young man calle...

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Crossings to Idlib are still open

  • 6155
  • 09-11

Pro-regime social media pages shared news saying all crossings to opposition-held areas...

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ISIS didn't announce solidarity with Qatar

  • 9995
  • 09-08

Saudi media published statement said it's by so-called "Islamic State" und...

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Deir Ezzor city still besieged by ISIS

  • 6905
  • 09-04

Pro-regime social media account and pages shared yesterday news claiming that government...

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Moutasem Brigade didn’t leave its positions to Russian forces

  • 9490
  • 09-02

Social media accounts and pages shared news saying armed opposition “Moutasim Brig...

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