Did Istanbul Forbid Syrian Students from Settling their Residency Status?

  • 1538
  • 08-27

New Turk Post news outlet posted a statement, claiming that Governor of Istanbul Ali Yer...

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Fake Statement Attributed to U.S. about Syria's Manbij Administration

  • 1957
  • 08-25

Social media pages circulated a statement claiming that it was “issued by the U.S....

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Did Popular Mobilization Forces Shot Down US Drone in Iraq?

  • 1360
  • 08-25

Pro-Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces pages and social media accounts have circulated a...

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SDF Accuses Activist, Former ISIS Prisoner Hasan Kassab of Being Member of ISIS

  • 3640
  • 08-23

Pro-Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) news sites and social media accounts have circulated...

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This Photo Isn’t of Targeting Turkish Convoy in Syria’s Idlib, It Dates Back to Afghanistan 2010

  • 1767
  • 08-22

Social media pages have circulated a photo of burning trucks claiming that it shows ...

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Truth Behind “Targeting Turkish Military Convoy in Idlib”

  • 2011
  • 08-19

Note: This report covers the events until the evening of August 19, 2019. News websites...

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Did Turkey's Gendarmerie Batter Syrian Refugee in Sanliurfa?

  • 2048
  • 08-19

Facebook page “ANT Kurdistan” has posted a video that shows members of Turke...

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Did Turkish Singer Refuse to Sing in Iraq unless Kurdistan Flag is Taken Down?

  • 2268
  • 08-15

Dozens of websites and social media pages circulated news in which they have claimed tha...

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Did Syrian National Army Murder Suspected Civilian in Azaz?

  • 1693
  • 08-14

Social media accounts have circulated news beating a suspected civilian to death, a...

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