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A 1985 Photo Was Claimed to be Related to Covid-19 Pandemic, It’s Gone Viral

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  • 04-25

A photo of a woman embracing an infant has surfaced on Facebook and Twitter. It’s been claimed the mother tested positive for the coronavirus and that her newborn baby is on the brin...

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These Clashes Between Police, Protesters Didn’t Take Place in Turkey

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  • 04-16

Video footage of several police armoured vehicles surrounded by protesters pelting stones at it has been circulated on social media. It’s been claimed the incident took place in Turk...

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This Photo Isn’t of Family Evicted from its Home in Damascus

  • 8792
  • 04-10

News pages and profiles on social media have recently circulated a photo of six people, including four children, laying on the floor and seemed asleep. Many social media pages have posted...

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Footage Isn’t of Targeting Convoy of Pro-Assad “al-Quds Brigade” Recently

  • 6823
  • 04-08

A number of Facebook pages have posted footage claiming that it shows a joint military convoy of the so-called “al-Quds Brigade” and the pro-Assad “National Defense Force...

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Did Buckingham Palace Say Queen Elizabeth Tested Positive for Coronavirus?

  • 8224
  • 03-29

A number of social media pages have claimed Saturday that Buckingham Palace announced Queen Elizabeth II tested positive for the novel coronavirus. A pro-Assad Facebook page named “...

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“Cannibals and Corona”: Satire News Goes Viral

  • 9172
  • 03-28

News websites and social media users published news titled, “14 Cannibals Die after Eating Chinese Engineer infected with Coronavirus. ” “A total of 14 members of the ca...

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Truth behind Wrecked Drone that Has Erdogan’s Signature

  • 12402
  • 03-05

A photo of a drone wreck, which has Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s signature, has been circulated on social media. It has been claimed that the photo shows a drone d...

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Does This Footage Show F-16 Warplane Attacking Assad’s Forces?

  • 8409
  • 02-29

Footage of a quick preparation of an F-16 fighter jet of Turkey’s army has been circulated today on social media. It has been claimed that the video was recently taken and that it co...

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Russian Phrase “Aleppo Is Ours” Was Written Over 3 Years Ago

  • 9660
  • 02-18

Since yesterday, Feb. 17, 2020, a photo of a Russian soldier who appears holding a spray bottle and facing a wall on which a Russian phrase, “Алеппо наш,” was witten, which mea...

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