This photo is not of Civilians Who Were Bombarded in Qah IDP Camp

  • 581
  • 11-21

A number of social networks’ accounts circulated a photo of an old man and a littl...

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Syrian Journalist Falsely Accused of “Leading Protests in Lebanon”

  • 1076
  • 11-19

Pro-Lebanese authority parties pages and accounts have circulated a photo of a woman kno...

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This Child Was Injured By Assad Bombing on Aleppo, Not By Israeli Bombing on Gaza

  • 1103
  • 11-16

Social media accounts have circulated a photo of an injured child with a paramedic, clai...

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This Photo Was Taken In Aleppo, It Doesn't Show Two Yemeni Brothers Meeting After Airstrike

  • 1471
  • 11-09

Tweeters recently have circulated photographs of two children embracing each other&rsquo...

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This Photo Is Not of People Killed by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in Syria’s Idlib

  • 1413
  • 11-07

Telegram channels have circulated a photograph of men who appear to be dead, claiming th...

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This Photo Is Digitally Altered

  • 5904
  • 10-31

U.S. President Donald Trump has tweeted a photo of himself awarding a medal of honor to...

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This Photo Isn’t of Kurdish Man Who Recently Set Himself on Fire

  • 2003
  • 10-24

News outlets and Facebook pages have circulated a photo of a man caught on fire, claimin...

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This Photo Doesn't Show Withdrawal of French Troops from Northern Syria

  • 2145
  • 10-22

Media outlets and social media websites have recently circulated a photo of what they cl...

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This Photo Isn't Of Commander at National Liberation Front

  • 3174
  • 10-21

A Facebook page called "Nabed al-Shamal al-Souri" posted a photo of an armed man, claimi...

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