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Adnan al-Hussen

Adnan started his media career in 2011, he received his bachelor degree in Arabic language from Istanbul University in 2019.

Adnan started his media career in 2011, he received his bachelor degree in Arabic language from Istanbul University in 2019.

Did Turkey Issued Decree to Repatriate Pro-Assad Syrians?

  • 14870
  • 12-17

Facebook pages and profiles have circulated a photo of a document written in Turkish, claiming that the document is a decree to repatriate Assad-loyalist Syrians who expressed their suppor...

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This Is Old Video from Afrin, It Isn’t Of Releasing Prisoners from SDF’s Prisons East of Euphrates

  • 15834
  • 10-12

Social media accounts and pages have recently circulated a video in which a number of civilians including children and women appear in a building that seem like warehouse. They have claime...

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What Happened During Demonstrations near Syria-Turkey Border?

  • 13885
  • 08-31

Media outlets along with social media accounts and pages have circulated misinformation about demonstrations yesterday in Idlib province, especially near Syria-Turkey border. A page calle...

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Truth Behind “Syrian Gets into Brawl” in Turkey’s Erzurum

  • 14647
  • 07-30

Social media users have accused a Syrian refugee, without identifying him, of getting into a brawl in Turkey’s province of Erzurum. The incident resulted in injuring a Turkish citize...

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Did Syrians Organize Protest against Recent Decisions by Istanbul Governor’s Office?

  • 15566
  • 07-29

Turkish news sites claimed that dozens of Syrians joined a protest organized by the Syrian Associations Platform in Istanbul on Saturday against recent decisions by Istanbul Governor&rsquo...

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Bald men will not be able to turn the sun into energy

  • 5757
  • 07-11

Arabic news outlets and social media pages reported that bald men will be able to turn the sun into energy, citing a start up from Spain; the news has gone viral on social media. &ldquo...

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False news on traffic collision killing 28 Syrians in Turkey

  • 18466
  • 06-28

News on two-traffic collision killing and injuring Syrians in Turkey have been circulated on various social media accounts, claiming that they occurred in the southern province of Mersin a...

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Did the ‘halal’ nightclub in KSA explode?

  • 58661
  • 06-27

Social media accounts circulated a video claiming that it is of a blast hitting the halal nightclub that has been recently opened in Saudi Arabic. These accounts claimed that the blasts...

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Opposition-combatants who went missing in action in Hama countryside didn’t come back from the dead

  • 17285
  • 06-21

Combatants who went missing during recent clashes with Assad forces in Hama countryside has been found, social media accounts claimed. “10 martyrs from Saraqeb came back from the dea...

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