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Reports and investigations done by The editorial team of Verify-Sy

Reports and investigations done by The editorial team of Verify-Sy

With a report on the Syrian issue, "Verify-Sy" wins Global Fact 9 Award

  • 2263
  • 06-23

Translated by: Nada alsagheer Verify-sy platform has won the "Global Fact 9" award for an investigation entitled (an investigation reveals the involvement of Sham Wings in the migrant cri...

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Download Verify's Book for Verification Methods and Countering Disinformation in Clash Zones

  • 8670
  • 03-24

Verify-Sy platform is pleased to place in your hands the e-version of its first book, "Verify… Your Handbook for Verification Methods and Countering Disinformation in Clash Zones",...

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Verify-Sy concludes its first workshop on Verification and Combating Disinformation in Conflict Zones

  • 3029
  • 11-30

Verify-Sy held a training workshop on verifying information and combating misinformation in conflict zones, targeting independent journalists and media activists in the Middle East and Nor...

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An investigation reveals the involvement of (Cham Wings) in the migrant crisis from Damascus to Belarus.

  • 9330
  • 11-13

“No water, no food, no sleep, no way to escape.” Thousands of migrants, including Syrians, are stuck on the Belarus-Poland border living in inhuman conditions. Many of them die...

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Has the Syrian armed opposition turned the Armenian Church in Ras al-Ain into an animal barn?

  • 42211
  • 06-11

The claimLocal media and social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter, claimed that the Turkish-backed Syrian armed opposition had turned St. Hagop's Church in the city of Ras al-Ain, north...

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What is the truth behind the claim that Turkey created a "Civil Registry" in Idlib?

  • 11565
  • 06-11

The claimThe Syrian regime claimed that Turkey created a General Civil Registry in Idlib Governorate and withdrew the Syrian IDs and family cards from the residents and replaced it with Tu...

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RightsCon kicks off with the participation of Verify-Sy

  • 4423
  • 06-06

Verify-Sy is participating in the 10th conference of RightsCon, which is being held digitally due to the COVID19 travel restrictions. With the participation of more than a thousand speaker...

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Verify-Sy investigation reveals some of the misinformation and fraud in the "Syrian presidential elections"

  • 12553
  • 05-29

The head of the "People's Assembly" in Syria, Hamouda Sabbagh, announced the victory of Bashar al-Assad for a fourth presidential term, after announcing that he had obtained 95.1% of the v...

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An investigation reveals that a faction of the Syrian National Army has celebrated the anniversary of the Syrian revolution in Libya

  • 10141
  • 03-23

On March 15, 2021, the official Telegram channel of the Sultan Suleiman Shah Division of the First Corps in the Syrian National Army posted a video on YouTube showing its celebration of th...

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