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Will the moon appear pink over a few days?

  • 3354
  • 04-17

ClaimNews pages and accounts on social media have claimed “the moon will appear in a pink color next Saturday, in an astronomical phenomenon” and accompanied pictures of the mo...

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This image is imaginary and does not show the solar eclipse from space

  • 2263
  • 04-11

Claim Public pages on social media circulated an image that allegedly showed the solar eclipse as it appears from space, and the Milky Way is clearly visible in the background of the imag...

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Were weapons distributed to the Ukrainians for free to counter the Russian invasion?

  • 4511
  • 02-15

Claim Arab news websites and social media pages claimed that “weapons have become free in Ukraine and are being distributed to the entire population to confront the Russian invasion...

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What is the truth behind the claim that the moon will appear green because of an astronomical phenomenon?

  • 4157
  • 10-29

Local accounts and pages on social media circulated a claim they attributed to the Syrian Astronomical Association, claiming that "the moon will change its color this evening, Friday, Octo...

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Have scientists recently found a reachable Earth-like planet?

  • 3522
  • 10-23

Local news websites circulated a story claiming that recent discovery of an Earth-like planet could be habitable, and the President of (SAA) said that "the possibility of reaching it is no...

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Does this photo show the M4 highway connecting Aleppo to Latakia?

  • 5475
  • 10-10

An picture spreads on news sites and on social media showing a long bridge running between the mountains, which its publishers claimed showed the "M4 highway linking Aleppo to Latakia."The...

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Did the President of Italy attacked Macron and accuse France of exploiting Africans and children?

  • 11287
  • 07-05

Claim A video clip was spread on social media showing a blonde woman giving a speech in Italian on a platform and in front of an audience. According to the Arabic translation, its publish...

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