Ahmad Primo

Clarification on UK Freezing Companies and Projects in Syria

  • 14290
  • 12-03

Social media news pages and groups shared yesterday news saying British government freez...

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These are not the images of the wreckage of Israeli planes dropped by Assad's army

  • 15737
  • 12-02

Today's regime news pages circulated the images of a wreckage, like a missile, sayin...

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Time magazine has not included a female SDF leader in its list of the most influential figures

  • 14130
  • 12-02

News pages supporting PYD has circulated a photo of a female SDF leader, called "Ro...

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Selling “Syrian Girl” Crime Happened in 2014

  • 14230
  • 11-30

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared news today saying “a Syrian g...

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This Car Wasn’t Buried By Its Owner to Hide It for His Grandchildren

  • 11070
  • 11-27

Arab social media pages and personal accounts shared photos of “burying a car&rdqu...

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The kid with the “crying eyes” was killed in Yemen not in Syria or Egypt

  • 10078
  • 11-26

Social media pages and Arab news websites shared a photo of a dead kid with tears in his...

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Head transplantation surgery wasn't preformed on real human head

  • 17137
  • 11-19

Social media pages and news websites shared photos of human head was reshaped as dog hea...

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This video is not from Saudi stadiums

  • 8659
  • 11-14

Social media Arab pages shared a video of a TV reporter surrounded by male football fans...

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Russian defence ministry using fake photo to support its claim about US support to ISIS

  • 11475
  • 11-14

Accounts affiliated to Russia defence ministry on social media shared aerial footage abo...

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