Ahmad Primo

This photo is not for a TV series on Syrian refugees with Ronaldo

  • 9001
  • 10-26

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a photo of Portuguese football play...

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These leaflets weren’t dropped by Turkish warplanes

  • 11954
  • 10-25

Anti-Assad regime social media pages shared photos saying it is in Manbij city in Aleppo...

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The “weird guest” didn’t appear on “aladath” channel with Najwa Qassem

  • 16658
  • 10-24

Social media pages and activists shared a video of they described as “weird Kurdis...

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This photo is not for PMU commander Abu Izrael

  • 9916
  • 10-20

Syrian and Iraqi social media pages shared a photo of a dead man with long black beard a...

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This photo is not for Issam Zahereddin

  • 16291
  • 10-18

Anti-Assad regime Syrian news pages and personal accounts shared a photo of a male body...

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Old video being shared as for clashes between Peshmerga and Iraqi forces

  • 9143
  • 10-17

Global websites and tv channels shared a video showing nigh clashes and heavy machine gu...

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Accounts with “central channel oh Hmimiem airbase” are unofficial

  • 11247
  • 10-15

Syrian opponent news websites shared statement by Russian base in Syria “Hmimiem&r...

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Fabricated video being shared as “Syrian sexually assault a girl in Saudi Arabia”

  • 16802
  • 10-13

Social media pages and personal accounts on Twitter shared video showing a parked car an...

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ISIS still control neighborhoods in Raqqa

  • 8650
  • 10-12

Pro-Democratic Union Party PYD social media pages shared news said YPG-led Syrian Democr...

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