Ahmad Primo

Those girls have nothing to do with today’s attack in Damascus

  • 9307
  • 10-11

English-speaking accounts shared today on Twitter a photo of 2 girls wearing black hijab...

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FIFA didn’t announce opening an investigation in Syrian team game with Australia

  • 12546
  • 10-10

Pro-regime Syrian social media pages and personal accounts shared news today saying FIFA...

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This photo is not for Turkish forces in Idlib

  • 8055
  • 10-08

Social media activists shared a photo of armored vehicles convoy with Turkish flags on a...

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This video is not from clashes between FSA and HTS in Idlib

  • 8361
  • 10-07

Activists on social media shared today video of clashes in heavy and light weapons durin...

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Barcelona and Real Madrid players didn't announce solidarity with "Syrian national team"

  • 11729
  • 10-06

Pro-regime social media pages and accounts shared news titled "Barcelona and Real M...

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Nothing in this video related to women’s driving in Saudi Arabia

  • 9098
  • 10-06

Social media pages and personal accounts shared video from Yotube showing group of men a...

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These photos are not from Deir Ezzor

  • 11640
  • 10-05

during the battles between Assad forces and ISIS in Deir Ezzor city and its countryside,...

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UNHCR didn’t announce DAFI scholarship this year

  • 9593
  • 10-02

Syrian and Turkish social media pages and websites shared news saying UNHCR announced DA...

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Turkish military police didn’t enter Idlib

  • 12951
  • 09-30

Social media pages and accounts shared news saying Turkish military police started sprea...

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