Ahmad Primo

This murder happened in 2014

  • 7906
  • 08-13

Social media Syrian pages and accounts shared a photo of a child dead body in a dumpster...

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Hijab didn’t resign from High Negotiations Committee

  • 8866
  • 08-10

Syrian social media pages and websites shared news saying Riad Hijab resigned from his p...

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WHO didn’t describe singles as “disabled”

  • 11695
  • 08-03

Arabic and Syrian social media pages shared reports saying World Health Organization cha...

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Translation in this video is not correct

  • 8602
  • 08-03

Activists on social media shared a video showing the moment when a Russian reporter was...

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Hafez Bashar al-Assad got the worst score in Brazil Science Olympiad

  • 16475
  • 07-23

Pro-regime Facebook pages shared today news of the final results of the Syrian Science T...

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This video of horror movies make-up effect artist not “White Helmets”

  • 10352
  • 07-22

Pro-regime account on twitter shared a video of a hand covered in blood with a wound so...

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The Combatant Who Cut off the Liwa al-Quds Militia's Combatant is Not in the Photo

  • 24716
  • 08-19

Pro-Assad social media activists shared a photo on today of a group of combatants with t...

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ANNA’s Video Report Gets Untrue Subtitle

  • 24926
  • 08-03

A video report has spread out on social media pages shows an ANNA news’ correspond...

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RT Misquotes a Guardian's Report

  • 11355
  • 05-09

RT news channel website has published parts of a report by The Guardian titled “...

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