Ahmad Primo

Salvation Government decree on high school diploma from Euphrate Shield schools is fake

  • 11797
  • 03-26

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a photo of a decree allegedly by th...

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This child was found in Damascus or Libya?

  • 10589
  • 03-25

Syrian social media pages and accounts shared a photo of an infant and said he was found...

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Shelling on al-Saqylabye city was documented by a Russian soldier but is it real?

  • 11903
  • 02-17

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a video showing a civilian area bei...

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Russia Today published misleading translation of Erdogan statement

  • 13028
  • 02-14

Russia Today published news saying that Turkish president Erdogan said during a meeting...

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Did PUBG video game caused the death of a teenager in Idlib countryside?

  • 15841
  • 02-09

Social media pages and news sites shared news saying a teenage from Salqeen in Idlib wes...

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Did Iraq criminalized praising Saddam Hussain?

  • 10781
  • 02-02

  Social media accounts and news websites shared news saying Iraq issued a law c...

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Did Azmi Beshara said he wants to annex Lebanon and Syria to Israel in this video?

  • 13581
  • 01-28

Social media pages and accounts shared a video seems to be from a documentary showing Pa...

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Is this the photo of the suspect who did Manbij attack which killed 2 American soldiers in Syria?

  • 14075
  • 01-18

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a cropped photo of a middle age man...

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Dubai government denies reports claiming Fly Dubai will resume flights to Damascus

  • 10678
  • 01-16

Arabic and Syrian media outlets shared news saying Fly Dubai airline resumed flights to...

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