Ahmad Primo

This protest is not for solidarity with Idlib

  • 8261
  • 09-15

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared news yesterday saying that more tha...

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Turkey didn’t officially claim owning villages in north Syria

  • 14611
  • 09-14

Syrian social media news pages and personal accounts shared lately news saying “Tu...

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The Syrian Ambassador who met Qatari Foreign Ministry lately doesn’t represent Assad regime

  • 18710
  • 09-11

Pro-regime websites shared lately news titled”for the first time…. Qatari F...

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“Passports to Heaven” weren’t issued by ISIS but by Assad militias

  • 11777
  • 09-10

Social media news pages and websites shared lately news titled “Passports to Heave...

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This video is not for torturing protestors in Basra city in Iraq

  • 8522
  • 09-03

Social media news pages, groups and personal accounts shared a video showing men wearing...

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These doctors are Syrians not Saudis

  • 9493
  • 08-15

Social media accounts shared a video of doctors trying to save a newborn infant who is i...

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Did Syria Civil Defense open an office in PYD-held areas?

  • 8175
  • 08-12

Pro-Assad social media pages shared news saying “Syria Civil Defence known as Whit...

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Clarification about “Souria” vessel which crossed Bosphorus lately

  • 10254
  • 08-04

Syrian and Arab news websites shared news saying a Syrian vessel crossed Bosphorus for t...

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Amnesty official account publishes fake news on Efrin

  • 12230
  • 08-02

Amnesty International published today a report titled “Syria: Turkey must stop ser...

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