Dirar Khattab

Did Buckingham Palace Say Queen Elizabeth Tested Positive for Coronavirus?

  • 552
  • 03-29

A number of social media pages have claimed Saturday that Buckingham Palace announced Qu...

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“Cannibals and Corona”: Satire News Goes Viral

  • 694
  • 03-28

News websites and social media users published news titled, “14 Cannibals Die afte...

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Did Putin Wear a Hazmat Suit in Meeting with Russian Officials?

  • 4227
  • 03-27

Two photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin wearing a yellow full-body hazmat suit, a...

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Has Russia Unleashed Lions on Streets to Force Home Quarantine due to Coronavirus?

  • 3319
  • 03-23

Websites and social media pages have claimed on Monday March 22, 2020, that Russian auth...

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Did Saddam Hussein Talk about Coronavirus?

  • 3236
  • 03-18

Footage in which Saddam Hussein appears with Iraqi military officers have been circulate...

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Misinformation about Clashes in Azaz of Rural Aleppo

  • 1938
  • 03-12

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has said on Wednesday March 11, 2020, tha...

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Truth behind Wrecked Drone that Has Erdogan’s Signature

  • 2618
  • 03-05

A photo of a drone wreck, which has Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’...

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Does This Footage Show F-16 Warplane Attacking Assad’s Forces?

  • 1702
  • 02-29

Footage of a quick preparation of an F-16 fighter jet of Turkey’s army has been ci...

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