Our team - Mahmoud Al-Hajji Osman

a Syrian journalist born in Aleppo in 1986, studied at the Institute of Agricultural Mechanization. Then studied Small and Medium Enterprises at the Faculty of Economics in Aleppo University. His career in journalism started in 2012 with media and local news networks. Then he worked as a photographer and news producer for Reuters in 2013 and then for Al Jazeera in 2014. He also worked as an independent journalist and a photographer for several documentaries, including My Homeland. He worked as an independent journalist, photographer and BBC, British Channel4, German ZDF and Turkish Anadolu Agency. He moved to France in 2017, obtained a Master's Degree in Journalism from the Paris Dauphine University in 2019, and is currently receiving training at France 24.

Mahmoud Al-Hajji Osman