Mahmoud Al-Hajji Osman

Turkish websites attributes this video to Syrians

  • 13718
  • 06-11

Turkish media outlets posted a video claiming it shows a Syrian wedding in Gaziantep pro...

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 Egypt denies blocking oil tankers from heading to Syria

  • 5830
  • 04-20

The Prime Minister of Syria, Eng. Imad Khamis, said that his government interceded with...

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Did Paris named a street after Syrian late actress Fadwa Suleiman?

  • 15549
  • 03-18

Syrian news websites and social media accounts shared news saying Paris Municipality nam...

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No suicidal attack in Ashura gathering in al-Dhahyet al-Janoubyie this year

  • 9823
  • 09-30

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared news saying a suicidal attack targe...

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These airplanes are not celebrating by with Kurdistan flag

  • 8717
  • 09-26

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared yesterday a video showing air show...

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This photo is not for a military bridge ib Deir Ezzor

  • 8984
  • 09-16

Pro-regime social media pages shared a photo of a military bridge with tanks  and s...

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Clarification on fake statement by Canadian Prime Minister

  • 11355
  • 08-18

Facebook page under the name “Canadian Embassy” shared a statement by Canadi...

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