Mohammed Al-Khatib

This airport is located in Saudi Arabia, not in Dubai nor Palestine

  • 16767
  • 05-02

This photo has recently circulated social media; it shows the cockpit of an airplane i...

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The Israeli army used an old video from Syria to support its propaganda against Hamas

  • 16672
  • 03-26

Israel Defence Army IDF shared on it official Twitter account a video showing the launch...

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No suicidal attack or suicide in Mecca haram

  • 9359
  • 10-01

Social media pages and accounts shared a video of Saudi police and pilgrims around an ar...

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This young man was killed on Syrian-Turkish borders 2 years ago

  • 9352
  • 09-15

Pro-PYD social media pages shared lately news saying Turkish army killed young man calle...

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ANsar al-Din statement on leaving HTS is fake

  • 11034
  • 09-14

Social media pages and personal accounts shared today a statement by “Ansar al-Din...

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Crossings to Idlib are still open

  • 7519
  • 09-11

Pro-regime social media pages shared news saying all crossings to opposition-held areas...

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This photo is not for ex-detainee in PYD prison

  • 7883
  • 09-11

In the past two days a photo was widely shared on social media of a man the publishers s...

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This protest is in Azaz not Manbij

  • 8290
  • 09-09

Pro-opposition social media pages shared video of a protest holding revolution flag and...

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Kinda Alloush deny being arrested with her husband

  • 12361
  • 08-19

Arabic and Egyptian news websites shared today news saying Egyptian police arrested Syri...

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