Misleading translation of Yildirim makes him an enemy of the Syrians in Turkey

  • 15233
  • 03-28

Arabic news websites and social media pages shared today a translation of the ex-Prime M...

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Old statement by Putin re-shared now during his visit to Turkey

  • 12480
  • 09-29

Social media pages and accounts shared a photo of news on al-Arabiya channel quoting Rus...

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This photo is in Libya not Syria

  • 8515
  • 09-20

pro-regime social media pages shared photos of fighters running from an explosion near t...

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This photo is not from Irma hurricane

  • 6994
  • 09-07

Social media Syrian pages shared photo show traffic jam of thousands of cars in one whil...

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What’s being shared about reunification in Turkey was issued a year ago

  • 9892
  • 07-25

Verify-Sy received many messages asking about if it is true that Turkish authority issue...

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