Our team - Adnan al-Hussein

Syrian media activist and writer. He has become a media activist since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011. Before that, he had been an amateur photographer. Adnan studied Arabic Literature at al-Baath University, Homs. Because of Assad security forces threats, he was not able to continue. He graduated from the Arabic Language and Literature Department at Istanbul University. He had worked with Syrian news agencies such as Syria Mubasher, Syria Newsdesk, Al-Ahed Newspaper, Halab Today, and SMART News Agency. He covered eastern Syria for Anadolu Agency (2015-2019), where he made many distinctive achievements. Then he worked as a freelance reporter with Al-Jazeera. He was also a member of Syria Deeply, which is supported by the Guardian Foundation. He contributed to making BBC and Sky News Arabia documentaries. He also contributed to SIRAJ investigative reports. Adnan moved to Istanbul to continue his education. He works at Verify-Sy as an editor.

Adnan al-Hussein