Yassin Abu Fadel

Is Soleimani's Daughter a U.S. Citizen?

  • 19834
  • 01-06

A number of social media users have circulated a faked photo attributed to an Iranian we...

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This Photo Was Taken in the Netherlands, It Isn’t of Eagle Catching Drone Over Gaza

  • 5584
  • 11-26

A photo showing a bird of prey wrapping a drone with its talons has circulated on social...

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This Bombardment Happened in Iraq, It Isn't Russian Airstrikes in Idlib’s Countryside

  • 3687
  • 11-25

Footage showing a series of explosions has been circulated on Twitter, which was claimed...

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This Photo Isn’t of Corpse of Man Whose Body Parts Were Stolen in Syria’s Ra’s al-Ayn

  • 4748
  • 11-23

Facebook pages and accounts have circulated a photo of a corpse that seemed to be opened...

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This photo is not of Civilians Who Were Bombarded in Qah IDP Camp

  • 4252
  • 11-21

A number of social networks’ accounts circulated a photo of an old man and a littl...

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This Video Was Taken in Mexico, Not of Iranian Protester Runs Over Police Officers

  • 3490
  • 11-19

Social media websites circulated a video that shows a running over incident, claiming th...

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This Video Doesn't Show Executing Civilians in “Rojava” by Turkish Army & Its Allies

  • 3949
  • 11-18

Facebook pages circulated footage that shows gunfire in a square of a building, reportin...

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Child in This Video Says Goodbye to His Late Brother in Syria’s Darayya, Not in Palestine

  • 3202
  • 11-17

Coinciding with the Israeli military campaign against the Palestinian Gaza Strip, Facebo...

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Did Netherlands, Germany Derecognize Iraqi Government against Backdrop of Protests?

  • 6719
  • 11-17

Facebook pages claimed that the Dutch and German parliaments decided to withdraw diploma...

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