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Zaid Mohamad

Zaid is a Syrian-Palestinian activist, he worked as an English translator with Verify-Sy since 2019, he is studying Political Science.

Conspiracy Theory: “Covid-19 Isn’t a Virus”

  • 9662
  • 05-27

A viral claim has suggested that “Italian doctors” found that coronavirus “isn’t a virus” but “bacteria.” Among other things, the claim says the W...

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“Russia Is to Oust Assad”: Fake News Attributed to RT

  • 14499
  • 05-02

Claims that Russia will oust the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, has gone viral on social media and instant messaging apps. It’s been claimed that Russia and “Israe...

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Did Japanese Nobel Laureate Professor Say Covid-19 is Chinese-Manufactured Virus?

  • 11313
  • 04-26

Claims that Japanese Professor of Medicine Dr. Tasuku Honjo, a co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, said the coronavirus is “not natural” and that China has...

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128 States Voted against US Action on Al-Quds in 2017, not 2019

  • 8163
  • 12-26

Several Facebook pages and profiles circulated news that 128 UN member states voted Monday, 23 December, in favor of a draft measure that affirms the “sovereignty of the Palestinian...

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