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Content that contains a mixture of facts and lies.

Content that contains a mixture of facts and lies.

What is the truth about the manufacture of a naval vessel in the Syrian city of Baniyas?

  • 6709
  • 06-13

The claim  The Syrian regime, through its official and affiliated media, announced the "flotation of a locally-manufactured Syrian ship" in the city of Baniyas. Officials in the Syri...

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Does this video prove “Turkey is looting antiquities of Efrin?”

  • 5105
  • 08-04

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT  Social media accounts recently shared a video recording showing men taking out what appears to be a large sarcophagus buried under the ground, claiming that it...

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Two False Narratives about Skydiving Video

  • 17977
  • 06-27

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT - Over the last week, activists and social media pages have circulated video footage that shows dozens of human bodies falling from a helicopter flying at high altit...

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The Photo is for an Iraqi Soldier not a Syrian, Bashar Jaafari Mislead the Security Council with a Forged Photo

  • 3619
  • 06-16

The Syrian regime representative in the United Nations, Bashar Jaafari, displayed at the Security Council emergency session, which was held today, a photo of a soldier kneeling, and a woma...

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Not “For The First Time”: Syria’s Swaida Has Revolted against Assad since 2011

  • 8201
  • 06-08

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT Al-Jazeera English has claimed the Swaida Governorate remained loyal to the Assad regime throughout the Syrian uprising.  Step News Agency, TRT Arabi hav...

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VDC-NSY Reports False Casualty Figures Related to Recent Incidents in Afrin

  • 8059
  • 06-05

The Violation Documentation Center in Northeastern Syria (VDC-NSY) published a report titled, “Turkey Fails to Protect Syrian Civilians Again.. Casualties in Car Bomb Blast in Jandri...

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Was This Anti-Assad Banner Hung in Syria’s Jableh?

  • 10631
  • 05-30

News websites and social media users have recently circulated a photo of a footbridge over a highway. In the photo, which seems to be taken from a passing car, appears a banner on which &l...

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To Condemn Turkey.. Al-Arabiya Falsely Claims Footage from Iraq Was Taken in Syria

  • 19235
  • 05-29

Saudi news channel Al-Arabiya has posted a news report, “Phosphorus Child.. Suffering Continues,” which narrates the suffering of a severely burned Syrian child who had made he...

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Italy’s Celebrations Aren’t Related to “Zero Covid-19 Deaths” or Lifting Ban on Flights

  • 21752
  • 05-26

Correction: An earlier version of this article falsely stated that the aerobatics show was performed as part of the celebrations of the Italian Republic Day. In fact, it was performed to p...

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Elderly Man Died from Drowning in Syria’s Afrin, Falsely Claimed to be Murdered by Militiamen

  • 12780
  • 05-24

News Agency (ANHA) has published Wednesday, May 20, a news report headlined, “Body of Civilian Who Was Kidnapped by the Mercenaries of Turkish Occupation Was Found in Afrin.”...

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Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Fabricates Story of “Humiliating Muazzen for committing Bidah ”

  • 19796
  • 05-19

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has claimed Friday, May 15, that “radical militiamen” had beaten and humiliated a Muzaaen, or prayer caller, in Jisr al-Shugour,...

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The Eight-year-old Murdered Child in Mosul was Iraqi, not Syrian

  • 10625
  • 05-03

News that a Syrian child was brutally murdered at a refugee camp in Iraq has been circulating on social media. The Claim A Facebook page named “Page and Assembly of Syrian Refugees...

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TV Series Spreads False Narrative about Syrian Detainee Murdered by Assad’s Mukhabarat

  • 10106
  • 04-28

A Syrian TV series airing on Syrian and Arabic TV channels showed a picture of a deceased young woman with a number on her forehead. The TV series, “Interview with Nr. Adam,” p...

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Truth behind “Italian Billionaire Commits Suicide after His Family Died due to Coronavirus” Video

  • 10352
  • 04-24

Activists on social media have circulated video footage of a man throwing himself off a tall building then hits the floor amid bystanders' screams. A facebook user, @rofessionnel, has pos...

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These Dead Men were Militiamen of Pro-Assad “National Defense”

  • 7783
  • 04-22

Syrian news websites and social media pages reported Monday, April 20, that five men from the al-Traief village of Deir al-Zour in eastern Syria were shot dead during searching for truffle...

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AlArabiya Misleads its Audience with False Information on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport

  • 11212
  • 04-20

Saudi TV news channel Al-Arabiya has posted video footage that shows construction work in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport’s runway. “The coronavirus has eliminated air traffic...

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Footage Isn’t of “Russian Officer Who Killed Himself After Getting Infected with Coronavirus”

  • 8843
  • 04-11

A number of social media pages and profiles have circulated footage of a man carrying a knife on the street while two men dressed in police uniform were trying to calm him down. The man th...

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Was Shiite Banner “O what remains [lawful] from Allah” Raised in Damascus?

  • 14426
  • 04-10

News channels, social media news pages and users have posted Friday April 10 footage of men dressed in military uniform performing a salute on a hill on which a red banner reading “O...

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