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Conspiracy theories

Content that is keen to include hidden plans for a plot and builds on this basis to support some approach or conclusion, without clear and proven evidence or evidence.

Content that is keen to include hidden plans for a plot and builds on this basis to support some approach or conclusion, without clear and proven evidence or evidence.

Verify-Sy fact-check the "piling up of bodies" video and the allegations of "Hamish Military Hospital"

  • 27462
  • 12-06

Warning: The links included in the investigation contain scenes that may be gruesome and shocking to some followers  Syrian websites and accounts on social media sites and applicati...

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A Syrian site tampering with the date of publishing article linking the Beirut blast to " Syrian militants"

  • 13412
  • 08-12

If your time is short  News pages and personal accounts on social media recently circulated a link to a report published on a Syrian news website about 7 years ago about titled &ldqu...

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Did Japanese Nobel Laureate Professor Say Covid-19 is Chinese-Manufactured Virus?

  • 12018
  • 04-26

Claims that Japanese Professor of Medicine Dr. Tasuku Honjo, a co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, said the coronavirus is “not natural” and that China has...

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Did France Forcibly Discharge Naturalized French Patients from Hospitals to Admit Citizens of French Descent?

  • 9037
  • 04-17

Activists on social media have recently circulated news that France had forced French citizens of foreign origins to leave hospitals to make room for citizens of French descent, posting pi...

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Fabricated Statement attributed to Le Pen: “We Won’t Admit Arab Officials to (Frane’s) Hospitals.”

  • 10106
  • 03-25

News websites and social media pages and users have recently circulated a statement attributed to a far-right french politician, claiming that she said she won’t “admit any Ara...

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Did Russia leaked an insulting photo of Bashar al-Assad?

  • 18165
  • 03-09

News websites and social media pages shared a photo of Bashar al-Assad waiting for the Russian president Putin while he was speaking with someone else. Websites and pages said that the Ru...

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Is this a French officer who just finished his mission with ISIS?

  • 32356
  • 03-05

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a photo of a bearded man wearing long thob sitting with 2 people in military uniforms while they were laughing. The pages and accounts...

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Did this wife of ISIS member said her husband is a Turkish army officer?

  • 17304
  • 02-09

Hawar news agency shared today news saying a wife of ISIS member revealed that her husband is a high-rank commander in Turkish army. The agency, which covers SDF-held areas, shared a vi...

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Suriyeli öğretmenlerle Türk yetkilisi resmi yanıltıcı bilgiler beraberinde paylaşıldı

  • 14868
  • 02-04

Sosyal paylaşım sitelerinde Hatay Valisi’nin Suriyeli Türkçe öğretmenleriyle birlikte çekilen resim paylaşıldı ve Afrin’de çekildiği ileri sü...

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Old video being shared by the head of SDF press office with misleading information

  • 15722
  • 01-06

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a video lately showing a group of armed men executing several people. Mostafa Bali the head of the press office of Syrian Democratic...

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The refugees in Germany didn't destroy a Christmas tree

  • 20550
  • 12-13

Several followers sent to Verify-SY a video showing a group of young men while they were destroying a Christmas tree inside what appears to be a mall. During the video, we can hear a wo...

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Wrong translation of what this French protestor said

  • 22158
  • 12-09

Social media pages and news websites shared news titled "French policewoman cries and say kill me but don't destroy Paris like Arabs did to their countries". The websites...

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The student who said “Ataturk is not a God” is Turkish not Syrian

  • 18262
  • 11-13

Al-Dorar al-Shamyie news website shared today news titled “Syrian student facing prison in Turkey… the reason is her opinion of Ataturk”, the news said “Amine Sahi...

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This coin wasn’t issued by Israeli government

  • 21671
  • 11-08

Journalists and activists on social media websites shared a photo of a coin with Hebrew and English writing on it with two engravings on it one for US president Trump and the other for the...

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This drug dealer was captured in Sweden not in Turkey

  • 21002
  • 06-23

Social media news pages and chat groups shared an audio and photos of arresting a foreigner who was giving “hallucination pills” to Syrian children in playgrounds in Turkey....

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The Video Showing Dead Bodies Moving is from Egypt not Syria

  • 30210
  • 04-15

Pro-Assad regime social media accounts and pages shared a video showing a number of people laying on the ground and wrapped inin the grave cloth. Video’s publishers said this video...

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Assad supporters use an acting scene to question the regimes' use of chemical weapons

  • 17017
  • 04-10

Pro-Assad regime personal accounts and social media news pages shared today, a video recording showing a number of children appearing to be falling and choking, during the recording also a...

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Assad supporters promoting an acting video as it is in Eastern Gouta

  • 25903
  • 02-23

Pro Assad regime social media pages and personal accounts shared recently, a recording showing a group of young people while preparing children and young people to appear injured and their...

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