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Our message

Breathing freedom

The commitment to spread the facts completely and independently are two sides of the same coin which is freedom. This is our policy in Verify-Sy

But complete independence is fatal, in moral and material way, in light of the sharp political alignment in the Arab world, which dyed our world with blood, conflicts, hatred, treachery and murder. Turning our work to a minefield and to survive it we must all rely on the power of truth in itself and those who seek it, even if they are few. 

Building awareness

In everything we do, we turn first to the Syrians, and to the partners in our Arab homeland of all ethnicities. Second, we search for common issues, and we create a single language that shapes its human letters, and with it we address the world.

We are aware that the field in which we work is Syrian and Arab, which places us in a middle space between the trenches, and this makes us vulnerable to the fire of accusations from here and there, but within the general framework and the general vision we work to remove the trenches and build awareness, knowledge and freedom in their place. 

Getting to your human essence

If we did a mistake here or there, and fall into the trap of inadvertently moodiness or eclecticism, we immediately apologize based on professional and ethical grounds.

We seek to transform our work into a general culture, because humanity cannot reach its human essence without truth and freedom.

The journey of a thousand miles began in a step in a new and strange field of journalism, and we urge the steps to consolidate this journalistic work morally, socially and academically at the local level, and to have our mark in the Arab world, and part of the global efforts, in our belief that victory for facts is the entrance to the victory of humanity.