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Editorial and Publication Policy

First: Principles

  • Independence

    Independence in Verify-Sy is the independence of values, practice, and goals, and it is the path in which our work proceeds, starting from the idea to publishing, in all our materials, projects, and programs, as well as in the editorial process and all the policies adopted by us. Independence means freedom from any censorship or politicization that may undermines and contradicts our vision and the original purpose of the verification process as well as, in some cases, makes the fight against disinformation self-contained. We believe that independence in our work is the urgency of the desired effectiveness, specifically in view of the state of our audience and our region, which is plagued by conflicts and various alignments.
  • Accuracy

    Accuracy is the criterion that is not absent from our work, in all its stages, starting from the monitoring process, to the application of the methodology adopted in the Verify-Sy, as well as through the use of various verification tools in the search and investigation process, to accuracy in language and choice of terms, as well as building contexts. Accuracy in Verify-Sy is an integrated system, based on careful consideration of the subject matter of verification, with patience and perseverance in all aspects, and not neglecting any hypothesis, and the system on this basis helps to avoid verification slipping into the pits of omission and error, or causing confusion, assumptions, conclusions and interpretations.
  • Clarity

    Clarity, as well as accuracy, are working together to set strict controls for two main issues, the first is the perfection of research so that we do not fall into the trap of deficiency and selectivity, and the second is related to the use of clear, simple and precise language, in order to ensure the optimal application of the methodology, which we are keen to present its stages and every steps taken as if the audience is a partner with us, interrogates with us as well the reference and sources, and all of this enhances the great purpose of verification, facts presented for the sake of truth, including also shutting off any doubt or misinterpretation, and completely avoiding any weighting, judgments or charging, value or emotional.
  • Balance

    The work team’s ideas, affiliations and feelings are tested in the matter of standing at the same distance from the various parties, but the approach is in harmony with the momentum that this party or that, not our desire to do so, and we see balance despite its difficulty because it requires great struggle and elevation, a guarantee of building the credibility required in Verify-Sy to fulfill our mission.

  • Objectivity

    Objectivity is the shield that protect the facts, and without it the standards of accuracy and balance are distorted, because objectivity draws for us the limits of the subject of verification required, and accordingly determines the tools and mechanisms of research, that is, full commitment to objectivity begins at the beginning of our work and accompany it to prevent the intrusion of any personal perceptions or opinions.

  • Integrity

    Integrity in Verify-Sy is broader than neutrality and more effective than it. Integrity with the criterion of balance, means being cautious to the facts discovered during the verification process, not adapting the doubted facts or verification but ensuring to present them clearly without fragmentation, mutilation or manipulation of contexts, and as integrity works with clarity to promote the construction of a language that does not have doubt, or provokes certain instincts that push one party to reject facts presented to it that do justice to another party, and here we seek in the Verify platform to delay the advance publication and give access to any party its right to seek and wait, to display all relevant positions.

  • Sobriety

    Imperturbability has two meanings, poise, and sobriety, and if the first meaning is achieved, the second meaning is what we seek in sobriety, meaning that sobriety in the work of Verify-Sy is required at all stages, especially during communication with sources and parties closely related to the subject of verification, and sobriety is also an original endeavor in building the final article, so deep seriousness, complete work, complete research, and giving priority to what affects or affects the cognitive aspect or awareness, all of these are foundations that we do not accept to sacrifice, the facts deserve such majesty.

Second: Standards

  1. Commitment to informative non-subjective statements
  2. Refraining from judgmentalism
  3. Intellectual Properties Observance
  4. Refraining from Promoting Violence
  5. Respect of Privacy and ensuring that those involved in any verification process are not exposed to any physical or moral risks.
  6. Observance of the International Humanitarian Law, the Geneva Convention for the Protection of War Victims, and Crimes against Humanity
  7. Awareness towards any attempt to exploit any verification essay published on Verify platform in any political, civil, religious, or ethnic conflicts.
  8. No exaggerated overstatement or understatement while publishing any content that falls within the defined types of content mentioned in Article # /8/ from “Verify Methodology”.
  9. The privacy and confidentiality of sources are protected and disclosed only for necessity in front of an independent judiciary in a private session.
  10. Attention to Children-related content and observing relevant publishing laws and ethics.
  11. Attention to the content related to Persons with disabilities and observing all relevant publishing ethics.
  12. Considering issues of religious and ethnic conflicts and beware of provoking or fueling hate speech.

Third: Publishing Policy

  1. Full adherence to the editorial and publishing principles and standards set out in Articles 9 and 10.
  2. Full compliance with the content analysis and evaluation mechanisms and mechanisms according to what is contained in the methodology section.

Fourth: Publication Mechanism

  1. Title: The choice of the title must be clear, accurate and indicative of the content of the article.
  2. Writing the editor’s name: Clarity to indicate the name of the author of the article, must be an explicit known name.
  3. Overview: Condensing the article in a few lines under the title "You Don't have time?" allows the public to learn about the following details, content and its indications, and the verification result.
  4. Clarify the nature of the allegation: Under the title "Claim" explains the ‎trending content, its type, its primary ‎source/ sources that published it, and ‎the content must be articulated clearly ‎and following the corresponding ‎trend, supported by visual evidence or ‎hyperlinks to sources that broadcasted ‎or published the content.
  5. Refuting the allegation: The verification methodology is clearly stated by mentioning ‎content analysis references and mechanisms, according to a ‎clear sequential course as adopted in the methodology.
  6. Conclusion: Be judged following the ‎evaluation mechanism adopted in ‎the methodology and exclusively per the types of resident ‎content adopted, with full adherence ‎to the principles and standards of ‎publishing and publishing adopted.

Communicate with sources

Communicating with the source of the allegation is a duty that Verify-Sy is committed to within the framework of commitment to the platform’s founding standards, especially integrity, and also to investigate the maximum limits of accuracy and objectivity. Communication begins with the decision or knowledge of the editor-in-chief within the following conditions:

  1. Seeking that the communication be documented as possible, in writing or recorded, for the ability to save it and refer to it and consider it as a presumption in the event of a dispute in the transfer or editing
  2. The communication should be as formal as possible, i.e., e-mail shall be given priority, if any, otherwise no means of communication shall be provided, while respecting the privacy of the source of the claim.
  3. Commitment to the utmost professionalism in communication and avoiding any form of accusation and provocation
  4. Communication is subject to all platform regulations and ethics, and the right to respond and complain is guaranteed on this basis.
  5. It is the nature of communication with the sources of the prosecution that the response is not forthcoming or it may be late, especially in conflict areas that put groups of people in trenches whose penetration is often difficult or dangerous. consideration:

    The first is to ensure that the message gets through
    The second: that waiting should not be at the expense of the requirements of publishing in a timely manner.

In this case, the source is granted, as mentioned above, the right to respond or complain.