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Content that is completely inconsistent with proven facts, completely authored and unfounded.

Content that is completely inconsistent with proven facts, completely authored and unfounded.

What is the truth behind the claim that Turkey created a "Civil Registry" in Idlib?

  • 8265
  • 06-11

The claimThe Syrian regime claimed that Turkey created a General Civil Registry in Idlib Governorate and withdrew the Syrian IDs and family cards from the residents and replaced it with Tu...

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This photo is not of a Russian officer killed in Syria

  • 4677
  • 08-13

 If your time is short  Social media news pages and personal accounts posted a photo of a person they claimed to be of a Russian officer who was killed in Syria called (Dmitry H...

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Fake News: “Lebanon’s GSD: 7 Syrians Found Killed, Mutilated in Beirut”

  • 8337
  • 07-10

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT Media agencies and social media pages claimed Lebanon’s General Security Directorate had announced finding seven dead bodies of Syrian young men in Beirut, Leb...

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Four Miscaptioned Videos Falsely Attributed to Attack on GNA-Controlled Air Force Base in Libya

  • 7734
  • 07-08

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT Four videos were falsely claimed to be showing the bombing of the GNA-controlled al-Watiya air force base in Libya (examples can be seen here, here, here, and here)....

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SOHR Fabricates News that Global Coalition Established Court for ISIS Detainees

  • 7860
  • 07-04

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed in May 2020 that the Global Coalition against Daesh instructed the construction of an “international court&rdqu...

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Has an anti-Assad Protest Erupted in Syria’s Jaramana Recently?

  • 8697
  • 06-09

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT Qasioun News Agency falsely claimed video footage shows an anti-Assad protest had erupted in the district of Jaramana, Rif Dimashq Governorate. In fact, the footag...

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RT Fabricates News Story about Anti-Assad Syrian Artist

  • 9178
  • 06-06

IF YOUR TIME IS SHORT RT fabricated a news story about Syrian artist Aziz al-Asmar. It claimed al-Asmar said he doesn’t make revolutionary or political art. Al-Asmar and the photogr...

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Three Miscaptioned Videos amid George Floyd Protests

  • 7654
  • 06-03

The killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department on May 26, 2020 has triggered a wave of unprecedented demonstrations for racial justice...

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Two Fabricated Documents about the Assad-Makhlouf Dispute

  • 8782
  • 06-01

News websites and pages on social networks have published an image of what it said to be a decree, No. (3215 / F / S), of the Ministry of Finance of the Assad regime, to seize Rami Makhlou...

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Al-Arabiya Fabricates News that Syrian Young Man Was Killed in Libya to Accuse Turkey of Child Recruitment

  • 10627
  • 05-30

Saudi news channel Al-Arabiya has claimed in a news report on its website Friday that Turkey recruited a Syrian child to fight for the Government of National Accord in the Libyain capital,...

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Assad Didn’t Buy David Hockney’s “The Splash”

  • 17298
  • 05-11

In mid-April, claims spread that Bashar al-Assad, head of the Assad regime, bought David Hockney’s artwork “The Splash” for 23.1£ million as a gift for his wife Asm...

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Germany Hasn't Expelled Assad’s Mouthpiece Kevork Almassian

  • 12966
  • 05-10

The claims that Kevork Almassian, a Syrian refugee granted asylum in Germany and an Assad loyalist, have been expelled from Germany have been widely circulated on social media. Tweeter @m...

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No Fires in or Attacks on Assad’s State Security Branch in Latakia Recently

  • 8043
  • 05-06

Social media pages and users have circulated news that fires broke out Wednesday, May 6, in the State Security Branch of Assad’s Mukhabarat, or Security Forces, in Latakia, Syria. A...

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“Russia Is to Oust Assad”: Fake News Attributed to RT

  • 15115
  • 05-02

Claims that Russia will oust the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, has gone viral on social media and instant messaging apps. It’s been claimed that Russia and “Israe...

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Assad's SANA Fabricates News that Two U.S. Soldiers Disappeared in Syria

  • 7051
  • 04-28

The Assad regime’s official news agency SANA reported Monday, citing “local sources,” that two U.S. had disappeared in action in Syria's eastern province of Deir al-Zour....

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Did North Korea’s Dictator Kim Jong-un Die?

  • 9015
  • 04-27

News suggesting North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un died has made headlines over the past week following a CNN report that he “is in grave danger after undergoing a previous surger...

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Have Turkish Authorities Decided to Impose Curfew Next Week?

  • 7799
  • 04-17

Twitter users have claimed that Turkish authorities had decided to impose a four-day-curfew from April 23 to April 26. A Twitter user named “GASTECİ” posted the news with what...

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Fake FB Page behind Death Rumour of Former Member of Assad’s “Parliament”

  • 16094
  • 04-09

Social media news pages and users have circulated claims that Sharief Shehadeh, Syrian journalist and former member of Assad’s so-called parliament, had died due to Covid-19, citing...

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