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Correction and complaints policy

First: Types and Mechanisms of Correction

Second: Complaints policy and response mechanisms

  • Concept:
    The platform does not make sure that every criticism, complaint or comment that arrives formally or informally is a "complaint" that must be dealt with, but rather from the freedom of criticism and protected expression, and the complaint is all that is received on the platform officially or informally or the positions and responses that the platform follows provided that it contains one standard of standards established in the system.
  • The criteria for the complaint:

    1. The existence of a clear violation of a provision of the Statute

    2. Link to the content and subject of verification neither its background nor its objectives

    3. Link to the content and subject of verification by referring to a defect, error or correction that needs to be done with evidence and evidence.

    4. Confirm that there has been or may have potential material or moral damage to those involved in verification, individuals, institutions and groups.

    5. Check-in conflict areas are made sure that sensitivities may lead to violence or fuel hate speech.

  • Response mechanism:

    1. Responding through a correction in accordance with the terms of Article13.

    2. Responding to a partial deletion that does not affect the value of verification or resorting to total deletion in establishing material and moral damage in compliance with the criteria of the complaint.

    3. Responding within the maximum limit if the complaint is found to be necessary or serious and to resort to the relevant local authorities to remove damage to the platform and its staff or concerned with the complaint

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