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Is this a French officer who just finished his mission with ISIS?

Dirar Khattab   Tuesday 05th March 2019

Dirar Khattab   Tuesday 05th March 2019

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a photo of a bearded man wearing long thob sitting with 2 people in military uniforms while they were laughing.

The pages and accounts said the bearded man is an army officer called Jaun Claud who is an officer in the French Intelligence who just finished his covert mission as a commander in ISIS after participating in the biggest international plot according to what the pages and accounts said.

Following a reverse-search conducted by Verify-SY, it turns out that this photo is not related to the French intelligence but for Sheikh Asim Hafez sitting between 2 British soldiers.

Sheikh Hafez, according to the website of the “Muslim soldiers in the British Army, is the first Muslim Imam adviser of the British army which contains more than 800 Muslims and Sheik Hafez was appointed in 2005 after he was working as an instructor in the prison service.



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