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An investigation reveals the involvement of (Cham Wings) in the migrant crisis from Damascus to Bel...

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  • 11-13

“No water, no food, no sleep, no way to escape.” Thousands of migrants, including Syrians, are stuck on the Belarus-Poland border living in inhuman conditions. Many of them die...

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Those Assaulted Young Men Are Not "Returning to the Bliss of Homeland"

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  • 12-19

A video recording was lately widely circulated among various social networks. It shows a number of detained men in a bus getting humiliated, cursed, and hit by women who were inside the bu...

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Damascus Now shared photos of a protest in Hasakah as from Daraa

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  • 04-03

Pro-regime “Damascus Now” Facebook page shared photos said to be exclusive photos of a protest in Daraa city against Trump recognizing occupied Golan Heights as an Israeli land...

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