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Is the Syrian refugee who was deported from Germany connected to Assad regime?

  • 12758
  • 03-30

German news websites shared news yesterday saying German authorities deported a Syrian refugee back to Syria for the first ti...

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What is the truth behind the Arab "football wonderkid" in Germany?

  • 5293
  • 05-04

Social media pages circulated a video of a child who has unique football skills in Germany. “He is a Yemeni kid who l...

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This is not just an old photo, it is also a fake one

  • 5407
  • 05-05

Social media accounts and pages circulated a photo of a poster attributable to Alternative for Germany party AfD, which rea...

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Does this pilot work for Syrian Air?

  • 8741
  • 05-08

Social media users and pages posted a photo of a pilot, who seemed to sit in a cockpit, saying, “This is Eiad, a Syri...

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Claims of immediate deportation of pro-Assad refugees in Germany turned out to be untrue

  • 5130
  • 06-08

News on the intention of the German government to deport pro-Assad regime refugees has gone viral on social media; it wa...

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Did Netherlands, Germany Derecognize Iraqi Government against Backdrop of Protests?

  • 1951
  • 11-17

Facebook pages claimed that the Dutch and German parliaments decided to withdraw diplomatic recognition from the Iraqi govern...

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