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This traffic collision did not occur in Lebanon, and the victim was not Syrian

  • 4802
  • 07-05

Social media accounts has been circulating a video of a car hitting a man on a road, claiming that the victim was a Syrian yo...

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Truth Behind ‘Killing Dozens of Protestors in “Israel” in Clashes with Police’

  • 3961
  • 07-16

News of killing dozens following demonstrations that turned violent in “Israel” circulated on social media, after...

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Truth Behind “Syrian Gets into Brawl” in Turkey’s Erzurum

  • 4039
  • 07-30

Social media users have accused a Syrian refugee, without identifying him, of getting into a brawl in Turkey’s province...

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Did Turkey's Gendarmerie Batter Syrian Refugee in Sanliurfa?

  • 3732
  • 08-19

Facebook page “ANT Kurdistan” has posted a video that shows members of Turkey’s Gendarmerie kicking a perso...

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This video is not of an attack by the police on immigrants at the Turkish-Greek borderi

  • 2603
  • 09-19

Social media pages and accounts shared recently a video of a group of people being beaten, and said that for "the police atta...

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Truth behind “French Police Breaks Into Mosque in Suburbs of Paris”

  • 4242
  • 10-08

Social media pages have circulated a video of police officers inside a mosque, claiming that it shows the French police break...

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