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Abduljabbar al-Akedi denies making statements on Syrian youths in Turkey

  Saturday 06th July 2019

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Social media accounts have circulated alleged statements by Colonel Abduljabbar al-Akedi, a former commander in the Free Syrian Army (FSA), demanding Turkish authorities to detain Syrian loiterers in Turkey and to hand them over to the FSA.

“An FSA commander says: Turkey should detain Syrian loiterers in Turkey and hand them to us,” the alleged statement says, “Turkey should know that he who does not fight for his homeland in times of crisis is read to betray it.”

Verify-Sy reached out to al-Akedi; he categorically denied making such statements, pointing out that the same fake statements attributed to him were circulated over 2 years ago.

Al-Akedi also posted a clarification on Twitter stressing that he has previously denied these fake statements, and that he, once again, categorically denies them.

Rumors on deportation of Syrian refugees in Turkey have been recently circulated, following tensions between Syrians and Turks in Istanbul and statements by Turkish officials.