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Did BBC, al-Jazeera Spread Rumors on death of Turkish President?

  Monday 22nd July 2019

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  • 07-22

News of the death of Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan because of a sudden cardiac arrest  circulated on social media pages. These pages have used the visual identity of well-known TV stations and media agencies such as the BBC and Qatari-al-Jazeera.

Verify spotted many news websites and social media accounts that shared the fabricated story and cited large news agencies.

Our team advise social media users to check the news along with the pages and official accounts of news agencies before reacting or sharing news attributed to them. 

An official source at the Turkish presidency denied the alleged incident of Erdogan’s death, according to “Anba’ Turkyya” news agency. We did not find any news regarding the matter on Turkish media outlets.