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Did Syrian Young Girl Finished First in Recent Math Contest in Malaysia?

  Wednesday 31st July 2019

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TV channels such as Al-Alam News Network and Alhurra reported that Nour Laith Ebrahim, a Syrian young girl, won an international mental math contest held in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpor. “A 12-year-old Syrian girl beat 3000 contestants of the smartest kids in the world,” they claimed.

Last year, Mehwar TV Channel broadcast an interview with Nour Laith Ebrahim titled “Watch Nour Laith, the smartest Egyptian kid, and how she is faster than a calculator.”

Verify platform reached out to Ebrahim’s father, who explained that his girl finished first in the mental arithmetic contest in Malaysia two years ago.

In a previous interview with Orient News, Ebrahim said she finished first in the mathematics contest held in Malaysia on 23 December 2017.

Her father denied the allegations that she holds the Egyptian nationality. He originated in Syria’s Deir al-Zour and all of his family members hold the Syrian nationality but live in Egypt, he told Verify platform.

Ebrahim managed to solve 235 problems in 8 minutes in the contest held in Malaysia, and finished first in the mental math contest held in Egypt in July 2017, solving 244 problems in just 8 minutes, according to news websites.