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Did Syrian National Army Murder Suspected Civilian in Azaz?

  Wednesday 14th August 2019

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Social media accounts have circulated news beating a suspected civilian to death, after he was suspected of Azaz explosion in northern Aleppo last Saturday.

Pro-Syrian Democratic Forces SDF reported that members of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army battered the civilian Mohammad Bakri Abboud to death because he was filming and riding a motorcycle without a registration plate.

These pages shared the news along with a video that shows a group of people wearing military uniform and battering an unidentified person.

Verify platform reporter n Azaz inspected these claims; it turned out that Mohammad Bakri Abboudwas killed by an explosion in Azaz. In addition, another man – wishing not to be named – was battered after he was suspected of being involved in the explosion; he originated in al-Bokamal in Deir al-Zzour and lives in Azaz.

A security source at the city of Azaz denied to Verify platform that the young man, who was seen being battered in the video, was involved in the explosion. He was suspected because he was seen taking a video of the explosion site in addition to owning a motorcycle without a registration plate, which led to suspecting and battering him by police officers and some locals, after the discussion intensified between him and the local police.

The man who was battered after the blasts suffered face and body bruises and minor head injuries, a medical source at al-Ahli Hospital told Verify platform. He was provided with medical attention and first aid; he was then discharged from hospital.

The young man was discharged from the hospital about half-hour after being taken into the emergency, the source added. He was provided with medical care and  his stable condition was confirmed, the source , who wished not to be named, told Verify.

The Syrian Civil Defense, also known as the White Helmets, announced on Saturday that Mohammad Bakri Abboud was killed and 6 other civilians wounded in a motorcycle bombing near al-Maytam mosque in the center of Azaz in northern Aleppo Province.

In the past weeks, explosive charges and vehicle bombings hit the areas held by the Turkish-backed opposition factions in northern Aleppo countryside.