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Did Istanbul Forbid Syrian Students from Settling their Residency Status?

  Tuesday 27th August 2019

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New Turk Post news outlet posted a statement, claiming that Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya issued it concerning the Syrian students studying in the province.

The report claimed that the governor said Syrian school students who hold temporary protection status from and registered out of Istanbul will not be allowed to study in (Istanbul’s) schools. “These students and their families must move to other cities in which they were registered. Excluded from the orders orphan students who lost their fathers or mothers, and those whose parents have active businesses in Istanbul since 3 months,” it added.

Verify platform inspected the alleged statement by checking Istanbul Governorate official website and reached the conclusion that the claims are false.

According to our translation, Istanbul Governorate stated it allows Syrian primary and secondary school students to change their records to Istanbul, if these students studied in Istanbul’s schools last year 2018-2019.

Besides, Syrian college students, who study at universities of Istanbul, will be allowed to transfer their records, according to the statement that included a clause that allows orphan children who live in the care of their relatives to transfer their records to Istanbul.

In addition, the statement stated that if a Syrian family was registered in Istanbul, family members who are registered in other cities will be allowed to transfer their records to the province. Besides, Syrian businesspeople will be allowed to transfer their records to the province including their family members, if their businesses has been officially active in Istanbul three months before requesting the transfer. 

Last month, Istanbul extended the deadline for Syrians living under who hold temporary protection status from other provinces until August 20 to leave Istanbul to the provinces where they were first registered.

Istanbul holds the highest number of Syrians living in Turkey, which is estimated to be over 547,000, which is 3.6% of the city’s population.