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The truth behind ISIS former fighters escape from Ein Eissa camp after Turkish shelling

  Monday 14th October 2019

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 Several news websites shared on Sunday news claiming a large number of ISIS fighters escaped a prison in Ein Eissa town in north west Raqqa city following a Turkish shelling on the prison.

The websites claimed that the Turkish shelling caused the escape of ISIS former fighters.

BBC Arabic said on Sunday that “Self-Administration of North East Syria said 785 foreign ISIS fighters escaped Ein Eissa camp where they were held after Turkish shelling.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper shared a long report titled “Hundreds of ISIS fighters and their families escaped Ein Eissa camp after Turkish shelling.” The newspaper cited a statement by the Self-Administration saying 785 of ISIS fighters and their families escaped the camp after Turkish shelling.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also shared news saying “at least 100 of ISIS fighters’ relatives escaped from Ein Eissa Camp” also cited sources from the Self-Administration.

Pro-PYD Xeber 24 also cited its reporter in northern Syria that hundreds of ISIS fighters escaped Ein Eissa camp after it was shelled by Turkish army and its Syrian allies.

Verify-Sy searched for the source of this claim and after its reporter met several IDPs from the camp and local of Ein Eissa that the camp guards affiliated with SDF left their positions and told the camp’s population about this before they withdrew.

Verify-Sy in Raqqa province confirmed that no Turkish shelling or airstrikes targeted Ein Eissa area and its camp since the start of the Turkish operation in northeast Syria 4 days ago.

Locals of the area and IDPs told Verify-Sy reporter that SDF fighters left their positions and told the camp’s residents they are no longer responsible for the camp which caused a chaos inside the camp and many families escaped the camp. 

The Ein Eissa camp contain around 10k IDPs including around 200 families of ISIS fighters while the prison of the town contain between 60-70 ISIS fighters most of them came from Damascus countryside in addition to civilians detained for different reasons. 

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) held areas contain several prions where ISIS fighters are held such as al-Hawl camp prison in Deir Ezzor and al-Shaddadi prison in Hasakah countryside.

On the fifth day of the Turkish military operation in northeast Syria, the Syrian National Army backed by Turkish forces continue its advance and captured Tal Abyad city in addition to Suluk town and other areas in Raqqa northern countryside and Hasakah province.