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Dr Mahmoud Sato is alive

  Saturday 18th February 2017

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  • 02-18

Personal accounts and news agencies have circulated on social media, yesterday, a news item reporting the execution of the pediatrician Abu Huthayfa " Mahmoud Sato" in Alsukkari square in Aleppo by the regime two months, after being arrested for 2 months since invading Aleppo by Assad army and supporting militia.

Verify-Sy has contacted a relative of Dr Mahmoud Sato ( preferred not to be named ) who confirmed that Dr Abu Huthayfa is still arrested for investigations at one of the Assad intelligence centers.

Verify-Sy has also contacted sources in Alsukkari neighbourhood who refuted any public executions of civilians or opposition armed members in the neighborhood declaring that the regime and its militia carry out arresting campaigns from time to time and take detainees to unknown destinations.