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Assad's forces did not Capture "Deir Hafer" until today

  Saturday 25th March 2017

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 the lebanese website  "Al-Akhbar" published today  a news report  entitled "The army Capture Deir Hafer" ,saying  "The Syrian army and its allies took  over yesterday the city of "Deir Hafer" in the eastern  countryside of Aleppo, after a total siege on  ISIS troops for two days inside the town , and complete cut of the main supply route towards Raqqa countryside .

Verify-Sy  reporter in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo denied the news published by the Lebanese website and other Arab and Syrian sites, confirming that the forces of the regime and its supporting militias took over  yesterday "Rasm Faleh" village eastern" Deir Hafer".

The reporter also pointed out that the the regime forces and its militias were besieging the town "Deir Hafer" from all sides since yesterday, after the progress against ISIS during the past three days from the north and west and south of the town , and cut the supply road toward "Maskaneh". 

In the same context, pro-Assad media reporter "Shadi Hilweh", posted on his Facebook page saying a "field commander" in Aleppo eastern countryside has denied what was published in some media about taking full control on the city of "Deir Hafer" 
confirming that the army is still on the outskirts of the city and from several sides , according to the  post.