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Do victims of chemical weapons come back to life 48 hours after their hearts stop!

  Wednesday 05th April 2017

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Personal accounts and pages on social media shared yesterday posts asking families of the victims who hearts stopped after inhaling chemical gas in Khan Shaykhon to not bury them and wait for 48 hours before doing so.

Bloggers justified that by mentioning several victims who their hearts stopped after al-Ghouta massacre in August 2013 who were brought back to life 48 after their hearts stopped.

Verify-Sy asked the head of UOSSM Chemical Weapons first responding team Doctor Hussam al-Nahas who explained what happens after someone inhales organic phosphor including Sarin gas who was used in yesterday massacre in Khan Shaykhon in Idlib countryside.

Al-Nahas said slow heartbeats and loss of consciousness are symptoms of being exposed to organic phosphor including Sarin gas which gives an illusion of fake death while the heart of the injured still ,medically speaking, working which could be exposed by heart monitor or thorough medical examination.

Al-Nahas also pointed out the proven heart stop and death after medical examination by heart monitor then body organs can’t work again which means inevitable death.

Al-Nahas considered victims coming back to life after 48 hours caused by inaccurate medical examination and not detecting heart activity during evacuation, in reference to cases happened in al-Ghouta 4 years ago